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Join us for the 34th Annual Excellence in Community Development Awards - Building Lives!

"Progress 64 West plays a key role in determining what is needed to support, grow and foster community vitality.  It's what every community needs for a healthy economy
Debbie Shaw-Franke, President, Progress 64 West
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You're invited to the 34th Annual Excellence in Community Development Awards - Building Lives!

Participating: P64 Committees

Members of Progress 64 West participate in one or more active committees. Each committee serves a different purpose providing insight into the challenges and opportunities of our community, making up the overall civic composite.  Each committee is led and facilitated by Senior P64 Members. These committees direct the programming of the monthly membership meetings, and actively engage with community partners to advance key initiatives.

Developing: Trades Workforce 

Progress 64 West proudly supports Career and technical programs that offer both academic and career-oriented courses, providing for our future workforce and with the opportunity to gain work experience through internships, job shadowing, on the-job training, and industry-certifications. From skilled trades such as automotive technology, construction, plumbing, or electrical contracting to fields as diverse as agriculture and architecture, Progress 64 West advocates for the needed labor force for tomorrows community vitality. 

Building: Student Possibilities

Partners in Education (PIE) facilitators collaborate with volunteers willing to share their expertise or special talents with students.  This community connection enhances the educational curriculum, making learning more meaningful and relevant for students.