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Missouri River
Progress 64 West

Our History

In October of 1987, a group of business leaders who worked and lived in the Chesterfield area, formed Chesterfield Civic Progress. To ensure a high quality of life and standard of development in residential and commercial developments, those leaders worked together, investing their time, talent, and influence to support infrastructure and development projects. In May of 2004, it was replaced with a new corporation with the same goals, Progress 64 West. The reason was to expand from just Chesterfield to a larger area including St Louis and St Charles counties.

Due to the hard work of citizens, businesses and civic leaders the I-64 Corridor has become the ideal and viable area to shop, dine, work, play, and stay. Together they have successfully convinced high tech firms, retail establishments, restaurants, and other types of commerce to establish their businesses in our communities.  In addition, they play a key role in getting the infrastructure that are needed to support growth.

Debbie, Mark and Gary

Debbie Shaw-Franke, Mark Harder, Gary Holingsworth

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