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Membership Meeting June 27, 2019

Our guest speaker was Mr. Chuck Gascon, Regional Economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Mr. Gascon provided us with a local, national, and global economic update.

Membership Meeting May 23, 2019

Our guest speaker was Mr. David Leezer, Director of Economic Development for the City of St. Charles, who will present an update on their growth and business development.

Membership Meeting April 25, 2019

Our panel of guest speakers included the Superintendents of Rockwood, Parkway, Francis Howell, and Fort Zumwalt School Districts, who discussed the diverse ways they are preparing their students for college and post-secondary careers.


Membership Meeting February 24, 2019

Our guest speaker was Mr. Mark Kraus, President of Chesterfield Hockey Association, who presented an update on the Chesterfield Sports Complex, currently under construction in the Chesterfield Valley.

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