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ConvergentDS and Clark Hill Team Up to Present P64's Cybersecurity Panel

convergentDS Clark Hill
Sponsors of Cybersecurity Panel Event

Digital Silence and Convergent Risks, two well-known innovators in cybersecurity solutions, recently merged under their new name, ConvergentDS. Now together, along with Clark Hill, an international law firm, they will host the Progress 64 West Cybersecurity Panel on Jul 25, 2024, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at the Whitmoor Country Club.

John Poole, Vice President for Strategy and Growth for Digital Science/ConvergentDS, and P64 board member, says the timing couldn't be better for a panel discussion on Cybersecurity: "Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity to enhance their resilience while delivering higher performance. This involves adapting to a fast-evolving threat environment, managing security exposures, and addressing regulatory obligations."

The worst-case scenario is when pipelines stop flowing or the electrical grid is put at risk, or when data breaches slow down (or completely stop) business continuity. Other risks are when personal and organization information has been compromised and unauthorized access has the potential to alter our lives forever.

John Poole
John Poole
"A cyber breach is taking place right now, ongoing, and malicious actors are trying to exploit vulnerabilities and cause insecurity for their benefit of money, politics, or general disruption." - John Poole, Digital Silence/ConvergentDS.

Each day, each hour, Cybersecurity professionals and teams are constantly at work to stop these exploits and make our information safer, keeping our data confidential, making sure it is available when needed, and insuring integrity is not altered.

Discover from a group of top-tier specialists how businesses are currently striving to safeguard organizational and personal data from malicious "human" actors, as well as the latest addition to the equation, Artificial Intelligence, which could be either an ally or a threat!


On behalf of the Board of Directors of P64, we encourage you to sign up and attend this opportunity to stay informed.  This is an opportunity to understand and underscore security efforts underway, defensive implementations and how new efforts are being updated for AI-Specific issues. RP



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