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Why America needs a paradigm shift to skill-based education. | Ola Ayeni, Claim Academy

Ola Ayeni is the creator, founder, and president of Claim Academy.

Ola is a doctor of veterinary medicine but quickly discovered his real passion was in the entrepreneurial world. He found his way to St. Louis by being named the 2013 Arch Grants Global Startup Competition winner, and he has been blazing a path and building lives here ever since!

It's a bold move to switch career paths but with the job market potential, change in work culture, and even hiring standards shifting — the future for this new generation doesn't have to look like the classic linear path.

High School —> College Degree —> Career

More and more companies are valuing skill and experience over a traditional college degree. A recent New York Times article shared this headline:

"A 4-Year Degree Isn't Quite the Job Requirement It Used to Be. New research finds companies are starting to rely less on the college filter in hiring."
The New York Times, April 8, 2022, Hiring without a College Degree

The Claim Academy

Claim Academy is a St. Louis-based coding boot camp that offers skill-based education for IT professionals — they help place graduates in companies as Full Stack Software Developers in Java and .Net software development. Students with little to no programming experience in the industry transform into hirable application developers and future technical gurus in as little as three months and for an investment of less than $20,000. Not only that, graduates of Claim Academy have moved on to successful careers with some of today's top tech companies, such as Google, Github, and more.

Don't miss this meeting!
  • Learn how this St. Louis-based company builds tomorrow's IT industry leaders.

  • Discover the diverse opportunities in skill-based education.

  • Find ways to collaborate and strengthen our region.

Thursday, July 28 — 11:30 a.m.

Whitmoor Country Club

1100 Whitmoor Dr, Weldon Spring, MO 63304


Progress 64 West Members — FREE

Guests — $45

Registration required.

Lunch included.

Casual attire.



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