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Crime Panel Outlines Challenges - Advocates for Solution

Many thanks go out to all for attending last week's Crime Panel Discussion, we believe this is just the beginning of a much needed conversation on crime in St. Louis.

This was the right conversation at just the right time, Debbie Franke, President, Progress 64 West.

Progress 64 West was honored to have St. Charles County Government Prosecuting Attorney, Joe McCulloch, moderating. Panelists included: Dean Plocher, State Representative, Justin Sparks, Former Police and Special Response Unit Sergeant, Jay Schroeder, President of Missouri Fraternal Order of Police and Jane Dueker, Attorney for St. Louis County and City Police Officers Association. We were excited to see Lieutenant Governor, Mike Kehoe, join us as well.

HB 1481
Click to expand HB 1481

One take away or action item that was suggested by one of our panelists, Jane Dueker: If you would like to help, there is a bill currently in the senate that would remove the local control of the St. Louis City Police Department and give control back to a state board. The bill also includes other topics, so take a moment to read the summary for more information regarding its contents. 

It was suggested that we take action, alerting our Senators and Representatives so that the bill can put on the senate calendar.

Those wanting to participate should consider calling the Senate Leadership members and your local State Senator and urge them to bring this bill to the floor for debate. 

Senate Leadership Contacts:

Cindy O’Laughlin, Majority Leader of the Missouri Senate Office: (573) 751-7985 

Caleb Rowden, President Pro Tem of the Missouri Senate Office: (573) 751-3931


Local State Senators Contacts:

Senator Andrew Koenig, Office: 573-751-5568

Senator Tracy McCreery, Office: 573-751-9762

Senator Nick Schroer, Office: 573-751-1282

Senator Brian Williams, Office: 573-751-4106

Senator Bill Eigel, Office: 573-751-1141


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